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How to choose an Aerial Work Platform

When you use the right lifting equipment, you save time and money. To make 
the right decisions, you should be aware of all of the choices in the marketplace. 
This page is designed to be used as a checklist so you can take inventory of 
your application needs. This will help you choose the equipment for your job.

At KDL Lifts we excel at providing the features and benefits our customers want 
and need at an affordable price. Our job is to give you all the information you need 
so you can choose an aerial work platform that will give you the best return on 
your investment.

The best way to make an intelligent choice about a platform lift for your needs is to call us and explain what work you need done, your budget and any other special requirements. We have over 30 years of combined experience in the Lift Industry. Let us share our knowledge with you.

Where Do You Start?

First, answer these questions 
How are you doing your high-reach jobs today?
Exactly what jobs do you need to perform?
How many people do you need to lift at one time?
How high do you need to reach?
How will you transport the lift: Trailer? Pick-up truck? Fork lift?
Will the lift always stay at one location?
Will you be moving the lift over uneven surfaces? Indoor or outdoor?
Will you need leveling capability?
How narrow or wide are your access areas?
Will you need AC or DC power source?
Will you need to work over immovable objects? (like auditorium seats)
Will you need to go through standard doorways?
What is your budget range?

How Do You Get The Right 
Machine For Your Applications?

Make sure you get a free on-site demonstration. View the product
 that suits your application at your location.
Have all employees who will use the lift evaluate it.
Run the lift through all applications, especially the hard-to-get-to places.
Evaluate for safety (look for features like lockout safety switches, with visual 
confirmation of proper setup, simple operating and warning decals).
Evaluate for durability (exposed wiring, hydraulic lines, etc.).
Evaluate for ease of use, pushing, setup time.
Evaluate for easy maintenance and serviceability.
Look for quality (paint, welding, finish).
Write exact specifications of the type of lift that best meets your needs.
Get local references. Ask people how their aerial work platform has worked 
for them; what they like or dislike.
Look at the track record of the company, the brand and the specific model
you're interested in.

What Kind Of Support Do You Need 
From The Dealer Or Manufacturer?

You should expect to get many hours of work and many years of 
productivity from your aerial work platform. It's important to get the 
correct support to get you started and to take care of your ongoing needs.
KDL Lifts has been in business for 8 years and has 30 years of combined
experience in the Lift Industry.
Be sure the lift meets or exceeds OSHA / ANSI standards and all 
government regulations.
You will need on-site hands-on training (be sure this is documented 
for your records).
Establish a documented in-house safety training program for present 
and future employees.
Be sure your dealer/dealer is an Authorized Service Center for the 
brand you buy.
Ask about serviceability. Is the lift you're interested in easy to maintain?

How Do You Find Out 
What Is Available?

At KDL Lifts we have a large number of aerial work platforms 
available to do many different jobs. Call or come by to see for yourself.
Be sure to ask about the Genie product warranty. Ours is the best 
in the industry.
Browse the Aerial Work Platform pages of this website.

What Do You Do Next?

You bring this checklist, together with your completed specification 
(if you've answered all the questions, you've got a good one), to KDL.
When you call have this list for our telephone conversation.
Browse the Aerial Work Platform pages on this website and compare 
these products to your specification.

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