Genie brochure

GenieŽ Super TowerŽ
	  Lift Height	19 ft 6 in - 24 ft 4 in
	  (5.9 - 7.4 m)
	  Lift Capacity	650 - 800 lb
	  (295 - 363 kg)

The ideal stage hand never takes a break and never asks for a raise-except to 20 or 25 feet. That's the GenieŽ Super TowerŽ!

With an 800 or 650 pound load capacity, the GenieŽ Super TowerŽ is the ideal tool for lifting and supporting lighting systems, sound systems and stage scenery. Depend on it for flawless theatrical productions and entertainment events.

The Super TowerŽ can be used as a single tower, or two or more can be used together to support trusses to span a stage.

Setup is easy. Just install the outriggers, and set the leveling jacks. To ensure load stability, the hand winch locks the load in place when the handle is released. In a stowed position, the Super TowerŽ is easy to transport-with no bulky base to get in the way.

The Super TowerŽ provides lifting heights to 19 feet 6 inches and 24 feet 4 inches. It comes standard with a flat black anodized finish so that the machine is nearly invisible to the audience.

  • Lifts 800 pounds to 20 feet or 650 pounds to 25 feet.
  • Easy setup and transport.
  • Compact base.
  • Perfect for heavy lighting systems.
  • Nearly invisible to audiences due to flat black anodized finish.
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